Robots who are a friendly digital workforce

A few months ago, I attended a workshop about Robotic Process Automation hosted by our Business Partners Kofax & Spigraph.

It was an interesting day to learn about what Robotic Process Automation is and how it can help.  There always seems to be a preconceived image that pops into peoples minds when you ask them what they think a robot looks like. And we usually imagine that destructive robot character: The Terminator. That movie came out over 30 years ago, but we still go back to that image.

Not the robot you are looking for…

Not the robot you are looking for…

But in reality, we should now be picturing something like the image below. Now we can have robots that can help, not annihilate an entire city.


RPA should be about a robot working with you. Guiding you.  You are still in control. Dare I’s a “co-operative robot” (or more commonly known as a “co-bot”).

There are daily processes that can be prone to error just because they are so mundane. This is where RPA can help. Once the data is set up, the robot will automatically work through the process meticulously as it has been told to do so.  When implemented, RPA can help more work get done and you are less tired at the end of the day.

Once you set up a robot to help you with a process, it can help free up some time to do other things (just like writing a post in our blog telling you how great it is!?)

But seriously, this is amazing technology that we are excited to share and help you with. We could help build the robots for your daily routine business processes.  We can help move data and simply: make business process that don’t need thinking, just doing.

We focus on the people, not the robots. Next time you speak with someone here, ask them about our Digital Workforce and we will be happy to tell you or even show you more.