Robot Ethics. It seems like these two words shouldn’t align...but it’s a more important time than ever to make sure they do. This principle is important to help sustain the ethnicity of information technology.

With rapidly growing robotic process automation integration and implementation of using robotic processes within a business, there are a few simple Robot Ethics that should be honoured.

1. Respect websites and humans

Could there be a threat? Now or later? It’s important to not venture too far to create legal implications and socio-economic concerns. All robotic process designs should keep this at the forefront of development and implementation. It’s important to build this trust as this will be the legacy for where we will look back and see if can continue to using these processes (which we believe this is only the beginning of course!). But most importantly, we need to protect the human race. Period.

2. Tread lightly

There is always that assumption that someone will create those Killer Robots causing major destruction throughout the world.  We don’t want to create a monstrosity. It’s important we recognise this now before it’s too late. I think the world recognises mistakes we have made in the past and are now trying to redirect those issues to help make this world a better place.  Remember, we want “friendly robots” that will help us make improvements or give us more time to focus on tasks that need the attention. Although our robots can be set up to “think”, humans are the real masterminds of robotic processes.

You don’t want to send that robot deep into the trenches and then something goes wrong. It’s important to look at the top layer and gradually implement the correct procedures. This not only helps gives some insight into what the robot is actually doing, it also allows some framework to help build the robot as it grows.  Think of huge ships are built to be divided into sections so if there is any sort of breach, the whole ship won’t sink. This helps keep all systems afloat. But as you continue to build, learn and grow, you will only be helping build a solid robotic process.

3. Don’t steal

As the development and implementation of robotic processes’s important to respect and honour what others have done.  It’s an exciting time, so don’t abuse it.

Technology is at the forefront of our day-to-day routines now. Robotic processes are being implemented to our routines daily whether we like it or not. Let’s make sure we abide by these simple ethics to help continue acceptance. Onward and upward.